As the founder and counselor of Another Chance Counseling.  I chose the name Another Chance to convey my belief that everyone deserves another chance at being successful, obtaining your lifetime goals and living a happy and fulfilling life. 

Generally I have found that when people visit my website it is because they are looking for answers or guidance. Perhaps a child or teen is acting out and they are not sure what to do.   You will find me open, caring non-judgmental and dedicated to helping you or a family member improve your overall well being.   

I understand you probably have many questions about me and about counseling or coaching.  My specialty is in mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression and substance abuse challenges such as abusing alcohol or marijuana.  I enjoy working with both adolescents and adults.   

Please feel free to explore my website.  If you would like to call, please feel free to do so.   I will be happy to talk and get a sense of what is going on in your life and if I can be of assistance.  I provide a free initial phone consultation or in office consultation for you or a family member.  If it seems like a good fit, then we will move forward from there.

If you are interested in scheduling a counseling appointment, or if you would like more information, please send me an email at suzanne@anotherchanceboise.com or call me at 208-321-5538

To schedule a counseling appointment click on the graphic below. You will receive a printed or text confirmation of your date and time.

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